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OOPS! 50 of 2022: #10 – 6 / A Tree, The Beach and Getting Lit in the Morning

We are nearing the end of the OOPS! series for 2022. It has been a A January full of amazing music. I have not remembered a January so stacked with great music in years! I could probably do another 50!

10. Molly Tuttle: Crooked Tree

Molly Tuttle has made either my top 50 list or OOPS! list each year they have been in existence. I am not sure how this record slipped by, but it is amazing. Crooked Tree sees Tuttle going back to her country / blue grass roots in an album full of great picking and energy through the roof. This track is far removed from her trippy cover record …but i’d rather be with you. I think this may be her best record. Crooked Tree is about wanting to be the crooked tree and follow your own path. I love the vocals on this track and this record, because they have this folky / country vibe with a touch of darkness. Amazing record.

9. Clutch: Slaughter Beach

Sometimes, it only takes one riff or one chorus to make a song a must listen and Slaughter Beach is a prime example of that phenomenon. The vocals are good and the chorus is catchy enough, but it is the guitar riff that makes this song. In looking at some current metal out there, I stumbled upon this song with one of the crunchiest Tom Morello inspired guitar riffs of 2022. That riff kicks the door down in the beginning of the track and drives the track full throttle. That guitar riff alone makes this song a must listen. Much respect to guitarist Tim Sult.

8. The Plains: Abilene

This country rock duo of Waxahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield and singer songwriter Jess Williamson is part Lucinda Williams and part Tom Waits. Abilene is an example of excellent storytelling with that little bit of darkness found in great bluesy country. Hearing about Abilene has the feeling of sitting around the bar about 6 shots in and everyone starts talking about who broke their hearts. A great country rock song with a touch of darkness.

7. GloRilla: FNF (Let’s Go)

The golden age for women rappers continues with GloRilla and a track that took the world by storm. GloRilla has bars about twerking on cars in traffic, making money, taking people out and being sexy with her “ratchet ass friends.” This track takes everything up to 11, but it is just fun to listen to. I love when people rap about how great they are and flex for 5 minutes. GloRilla is a force to be reckoned with if FNF and her track FTCU with the late Gangsta Boo is anything to go off of.

6. Joan Shelley and Bill Callahan: Amberlit Morning

This folky track about watching geese glide along in early morning touches on the circle of life, mortality and the beauty of nature. Having said that, this is a vibe song. You drift away with the warm vocals of both Shelley and Bill, which wash over you like some soothing balm. This is a song to nourish your soul. There are some great themes and writing going on in here, but sometimes I switch off to the lyrics, sit back…and listen to something beautiful simply for the love of art.

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