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OOPS! 50 of 2022: #5 – 1 / King Billy, An Expert and a Country Music Icon

This is it! We have come to the end of the OOPS! series for 2022. It has been an amazing year in music and I hope the top 50 and the OOPS! 50 gives you plenty to listen to. Let’s finish this up.

5. Doechii: Crazy

You ever wonder what napalm would sound like if it put out a rap record? Well, wonder no more, because Doechii is here. This track is part of the infamous video that could not be aired, because Doechii and all the women in the video were totally naked, but that’s Doechii’s point. She wants people to go crazy and point out the double standard of objectifying women. Her video has powerful women owning their bodies, which can’t be shown, while other rap videos of women wearing very little being treated as objects is aired without any comment at all. Crazy has the energy of a revolution in two minutes.

4. Julia Bullock: One by One

In my quest to open up more to opera and classical music I found classically trained soprano Julia Bullock. The warmth and clarity of her vocal is captivating. What makes this track is its simplicity. There is nothing more than a piano and Julia’s voice, which gives the track this haunting quality. It is as if you are listening in on an intimate moment…one meant just for you. There is something about the clarity and simplicity of the human voice that is so fundamental to music, yet so complex and emotionally resonant. Treat yourself to a unique sonic experience.

3. The Beths: Expert in a Dying Field

First of all, this is a tremendous title for a track. The Beths is a woman led indie punk band from New Zealand whose sound has evolved over the past few years. Originally they were pretty straight punk, but Expert in a Dying Field sees them adding layers of indie warmth and glitter over a punk foundation. It is like a cool modern addition to a heritage listed house. The foundation is still there, but the additions add layers of polish to something that is already great. Expert in a Dying Field is a catchy well crafted song about relationships and idiosyncrasies of love.

2. A.B. Original: King Billy Cokebottle

A.B. Original have out out their first single in close to 6 years and the duo of Briggs and Trials use the 80s / 90s comedian King Billy Cokebottle as a metaphor for white people who only pay lip service to Indigenous Australian’s rights. King Billy was a comedian who wore black face in his act, which they liken to white people who only come to marches in order to post pictures of themselves on Instagram. The conflict is between the privilege to pick up and drop First Nations issues when it suits them compared to Indigenous Australians who face racism every day. Much like A.B. Original’s other work, King Billy Cokebottle is cutting in its social commentary and hits at the heart of racism in Australia. Let’s hope this is paving the way for a new record in 2023.

1. Willie Nelson: I’ll Love You Till The Day I Die

At 89 Willie Nelson is still putting out music with his classic country twang and staccato guitar work. Above all else Willie is a fantastic storyteller. This is a story of love and how you can love someone after the relationship has ended. It is classic country at its best with a western sway and slide guitar. Willie has moved from his more experimental work into the role of the traveling western troubadour, which is soothing and comforting. I love that Willie is still putting out meaningful music and I hope he keeps giving us music to listen to and experience.

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