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Ice Spice’s In Ha Mood: Celebrating Success and her Inner Beyoncé

Hip hop, and music in general, is littered with songs about how great the singer / artist is. In my opinion, modern hip hop and R&B have refined this style of track into an art form. For me, the height of this “look how great I am” song structure is Beyoncé. I mean, I’m That Girl starts with a loop of “these mother fuckers ain’t stoppin’ me…” that’s bold. After blowing up online and in mixtapes, Ice Spice announces that it’s her turn to remind you how amazing she is…and it is fire.

Like most of Ice Spice’s work, and other artists like GloRilla, she keeps the arrangement minimal. There are classic trap snares and looped ultra produced vocal samples back in the mix, but bass dominates the track. Even though this sounds a bit space, especially compared to the wall of sound you might get from Missy Elliott, Lizzo or Run the Jewels, it works well. I think Ice Spice is looking for a vibe more than production acrobatics. There is enough to get you bobbing your head, but it is not an assault on the senses.

Moreover, I think over production would not mix with Ice Spice’s “I’m disinterested, but in a super cool way” vocal delivery. It reminds me a lot of Brigitte Bardot on Bonnie and Clyde where her vocal verges on being annoyed to even be on the track at all. It is as if Brigitte is only on the track because she lost a bet…but that is exactly why it is one of the sexiest most intoxicating vocals ever. Ice Spice has the same disinterested vibe that makes her vocal even more sexy and alluring. There is something about that above it all energy that can really work if done right.

What makes this track so great is how she is in this “above it” vibe, while dropping bars about how amazing she is. How she is going viral, getting better, is hot and how she makes men wait for her. My favourite line has to be “If I was bitches / I’d hate me a lot.” Ice also brings up the traps to being one of the hottest rappers out there by talking about the paparazzi and fake friends who use her for money and power. However, after the dust settles, it will be Ice Spice on top stacking her paper.

Ice Spice has really taken to short tracks that pack a punch and are incredibly catchy. At just over 2 minutes, In ha Mood fits that bill and will get a ton of plays on Tic Toc and in clubs. Over the past two years Ice Spice has only grown in popularity and fame and the tracks she is putting out in 2023 will keep her on the rise.

Listen to In ha Mood

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