Website Update

Hi Jukeboxers! I thought I would let people know the initial ideas behind the website and what to expect. Both Coop and I are very excited to get this site going and provide a rich compliment to the Prime Time Jukebox podcast.

First of all, content will not be at the blistering pace you can find at Cigar Coop. However, the goal is to provide as much new and fresh content for you to dive into, while smoking your favourite cigar. The plan is to provide one album review every Monday. That’s right, there will be a review of a new or classic album every Monday. So, be sure to stop by on Monday morning to see which album we review. These will not be as in depth as our popular Album Archeology series, but will give you a good sense of a record and highlight that record’s place in music history.

New music has become a hallmark of the Prime Time Jukebox show. People give great feedback on the Cigar Hustler New Music 45, but the problem is that there is so much great new music! We are never able to get to all of it during the show. The goal is to provide two new track reviews per week, which will include a Spotify link to the song. Due to our schedules, we cannot commit to new track reviews on certain days, so these reviews will pop up periodically throughout the week. For example, you may visit the site on a Tuesday and see a new music review and then find the second one on a Friday. On the other hand, you may check the site on a Saturday and find two new tracks on the site. Who knows??? The one thing we can commit to is having two new track reviews during the week.

The best thing about the site is the flexibility to include articles on various music related topics whenever we want. So, keep up to date on the site, because you never know what new articles will pop up. Also, we will occasionally post music related content by guest writers from the cigar industry. This will give you and opportunity to see these cigar industry icons in a new light.

Then there is the Prime Time Jukebox show. If you miss an episode, or want to direct friends to an episode that they cannot find on their podcast player, they can come to the site and listen here. This will make your one stop shop for cigars and music.

So, be sure to subscribe to the show via email or follow @CigarJukebox on twitter to stay up to date on all the new content. Both Coop and I are excited to see where this site goes and how it will add depth to the podcast. But, the most important person in this chain is YOU! Yes, dear reader, YOU! So, use the contact link or email me at to request album reviews, music debate, article ideas, new music requests or just give us some feedback that we can use to make the content work for you. This is very exciting and we are looking forward to having you along for the ride.

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