2021 Battle of the Bands: Elvis and Stevie Wonder Advance to Elite 8

Prince and The Clash are returnees to the Battle of the Bands after competing in the 2020 competition, however both artists had their hopes dashed in 2021 as both were eliminated in Round 2. On Coop’s bracket “The King” Elvis Presley would easily defeat Prince while The Clash were eliminated by Stevie Wonder. Both Elvis and Stevie both move on to the Elite 8.

Elvis was the fourth seed on Coop’s bracket defeating fifth seeded Prince capturing  76.5% of the vote. Elvis built a big lead early on and never looked back delivering a landslide win.

Meanwhile on Dave’s bracket, 12th seeded Stevie Wonder also built an early lead and never looked back capturing 66.7% of the vote.

Last year, Prince made the Elite 8 losing to Pink Floyd who would go on to win Coop’s bracket. On the other hand, The Clash made it further in 2021 as opposed to last year when they were eliminated by Bob Marley. Both Prince and The Clash were 13 seeds in 2020.

Heading into the Elite 8, Stevie Wonder will face top seeded Nirvana on Dave’s bracket. On Coop’s bracket, Elvis moves on to face Miles Davis.

To follow the current version of the brackets, see below:

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