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Prime Time Jukebox Episode 34: The 2021 Dedications Show

An annual tradition returns to Prime Time Jukebox, the Dedications Show for 2021

The Dedications Show was started by Dave Burck on Cigar Jukebox. Each year, listeners would get the opportunity to submit a dedication song in honor of a loved one or someone special who has passed away.

A tradition on the Dedications Show is to light up a Las Calaveras Cigar by Crowned Heads. Las Calaveras is an annual limited edition cigar that pays homage to those who have passed away over the past year. As opposed to being a mournful symbol, it is intended to be a celebration of those lives and remembrances of those who are no longer with us. We will smoke the Las Calaveras Edición Limitada 2020.

Tonight’s playlist has been primarily generated by our audience who was kind enough to submit their dedications.

In addition, Dave and Coop will recap the first two rounds of Prime Time Jukebox’s Battle of the Bands.

To watch the video, you may have to click Watch on You Tube below due to age restrictions.

You can catch the audio replay here.

As always you can follow along with our Spotify Playlists:


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