2021 Battle of the Bands: Sinatra and Hendrix Advance to Final Four


A pair of number two seeds have punched the final two tickets to the Battle of the Bands Final Four. On Dave’s bracket, 2nd seeded Jimi Hendrix ended 6th Bruce Springsteen’s run in the tournament to make the final third. Meanwhile on Coop’s bracket, 2nd seeded Frank Sinatra ended 6th seeded Sir Paul McCartney’s quest for the final four.

In Round 2, Bruce Springsteen had to rally to defeat 14th seeded James Brown. In the Elite 8 matchup on Dave’s bracket with Hendrix, Springsteen fell behind early again. While Springsteen rallied to tie things up 12 hours to go, Hendrix got a late push and took the matchup with 55% of the vote.

Meanwhile on Coop’s side of the bracket, Sinatra got in control of his matchup with McCartney early and never looked back. Sinatra finished with 61.1% of the vote.

The Final Four will feature the individual bracket championship. On Coop’s bracket Sinatra will take on 4th seeded Elvis Presley for the bracket championship. Meanwhile, Dave’s bracket will feature top seeded Nirvana vs. 2nd seeded Jimi Hendrix. For all of the upsets on Dave’s side of the bracket, it still came down to #1 vs #2. 

To follow the current version of the brackets, see below:

The two Final Four Matchups are. Please note dates for this matchups

  • Wed 4/07-Fri 4/09: Coop Bracket Championship: (2) Frank Sinatra vs. (4) Elvis Presley
  • Mon 4/12-Weds 4/14: Dave Bracket Championship: (1) Nirvana vs. (2) Jimi Hendrix 

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