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Malignant Soundtrack: Joseph Bishara Composes Some Classic Horror

First off, James Wan’s Malignant is bonkers / bananas horror at its best. A perfect Halloween movie. I loved this movie and I think anyone that loves a good slasher meets haunted house movie will fall in love with this movie as well. I’m interested to see what Trippy and Robby Rass think about this movie.

What makes the movie so tense and engrossing in a tremendous score from Joseph Bishara, which Wan uses perfectly. There is a combination of creepy synth, digital distortion, strings and your classic horror church choir. Malignant’s soundtrack is a great combination of old school horror movie score tropes and some modern flourishes. I think the synth gives the music some great tension, while also keeping a fun campy vibe.

It is difficult to fully enjoy the power of a score / soundtrack devoid of the movie. Ultimately, the score is meant to be enjoyed and experienced alongside the imagery in the movie. Malignant’s score really heightens the tension and stress in any scene with either the protagonist or the big bad….no spoilers though. Having said that, I think you can enjoy most of these tracks as they play in the background of your Halloween party.

Now is the time for a good Halloween movie and a tense horror movie score. So, put out the bowl of Snickers and Reeses Pieces, put on the Malignant score and give those young Trick or Treaters a good scare.

Listen to Malignant

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