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I Need This: Beyoncé Collabs that Need to Happen

As I work through new music, I am still unpacking Beyoncé’s Act I Renaissance and thinking about some collabs I would love to see. Beyoncé has collaborated with a number of producers on this record from Raphael Saadiq to Drake, but she has also had memorable collabs with Jack White, Anderson .Paak, Kendrick Lamar and the Weeknd. Even though Beyoncé has stated that Act II and Act III have already been planned out, it is fun to think about some collabs that would be interesting. Also, it is a nice diversion from music reviews.

Nine Inch Nails:

This is not as out in left field as it may seem. Recently, Trent and Atticus Ross produced a Halsey record with much critical acclaim and Nine Inch Nails was featured on the Health track Isn’t Everyone, so they are active. Moreover, Beyoncé’s All Up In Your Mind dabbles a little in that dark / insect like electro industrial vibe Nine Inch Nails really drove forward on The Downward Spiral in 1994. I think Trent and the boys on production with Beyoncé would be interesting.

Danger Mouse:

Let’s stick with production with Danger Mouse. I mean…this may have already happened as far as I know. Beyoncé likes to work with a variety of writers / producers, so it is hard to keep track. His breakout record the iconic Grey Album led him to collabs with MF DOOM, Black Thought, Run the Jewels, Karen O and countless others. He also is busy releasing new Broken Bells records with James Mercer from The Shins. I think the classic 60s / 70s soul / funk vibe he brings to a record will work really well with Beyoncé.

Diana Ross:

I mean, come on! The two queens together! There isn’t much more to say. THis is the dream collab; especially with Beyoncé going disco / house on her new record. Diana is back with her stellar record Thank You and is primed for a Beyoncé collab. Diana might not be able to hit all the notes she used to, but her and Beyoncé going together on a modern disco / pop track would be fire.

Royal Blood:

Ok. Pairing up with this English rock duo may seem a bit too much of a reach, but hear me out. Their single with Run the Jewels, The Ground Below, shows that they can fit in well with hip hop. Moreover, Beyoncé herself has shows how well she connects with low – fi rock with her blistering track Don’t Hurt Yourself with Jack White. So, with the right track, on the right record, this collab could produce some magic.


This is almost a no-brainer. Lizzo is one of the hottest artists out there and definitely one of the hottest hip hop artists. Beyoncé did a Savage remix with Megan The Stallion, which took the world by storm and really showcased Beyoncé’s hip hop cred. Both artists have come out with new records in 2022 and at the top of their games. A single with these two…including a little jazz flute…would be fire. Speaking of jazz…

Robert Glasper:

This modern jazz icon would be an amazing fit with Beyoncé. He has worked with Erykah Badu, Kamasi Washington, H.E.R., Herbie Hancock and many others. His three Black Radio releases are exquisite and mix racial themes, justice and police brutality with an unparalleled fire. I think Beyoncé mixed with Glasper’s modern jazz twist would be incredible.


Part of this is my wish for a new Rihanna track and part is that having these two R&B pop queens on the same track would break the pop world. If this happened, it would be one of the most anticipated tracks in music history. Now, Rihanna has been focusing on her pregnancy and not come out with anything in years, but Beyoncé went down a similar road and then put out some of her best records. I really hope this comes together.


This is probably the most left field entry on this post, but hear me out. Beyoncé has a history of working with strong female artists; see Daddy Lessons with The Chicks. HAIM puts out some eclectic music with feminist themes and mesmerising harmonies, which worked well with Taylor Swift’s No Body No Crime. I think this could come together and work well on a record.

Well, those are my dream collabs with Beyoncé. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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