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I Need This: 6 Records I Need to Happen to Make 2022 the Biggest Year in Music History

As we catch our breath before Taylor Swift’s Midnights drop in about a month, we can reflect on the year thus far. It seems as if everyone else is waiting for Swift’s new record as new music has really ground to a halt. There is not a lot out there right now, which gives me an opportunity to write a feature. YEAH!!! 2022 has been one of the biggest years in music within the past decade. We have new records from Lizzo, Megan Thee Stallion, Harry Styles, Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, The National and Taylor Swift. Wow. That is a ton of music. However, we can always have more. I’m greedy. Let’s make this the biggest year in MUSIC HIIISSTTTOOORRRRYYYYYYYY!!! Sorry. I got excited there. So, here are 6 records I need to have happen in order to make 2022 the biggest year in music history.


People that listen to the podcast know I am praying day and night for a new Rhianna record. I would love a record, but I will settle for a guest spot on another single….say with Beyoncé…or Rhianna putting out a single herself. Her last studio record was Anti in 2016 and her last major part on a track was N.E.R.D.’s Lemon in 2017. She is too good to not put any new music out, so I will keep hope alive for something soon.

Run The Jewels:

It’s not that Killer Mike and El P haven’t been busy. They just put out RTJ 4 in 2020 and have featured on the track Strangers on Black Thought’s and Danger Mouse’s record Cheat Codes. However, a new record is always great and this hip hop super duo seems to have endless production energy. This guest job on Cheat Codes might hint at another record in the future.

The Roots:

Speaking of Black Thought, the last Roots record we got was …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin in 2014. Black Thought has been busy with solo projects, Questlove has been busy being a DJ and the entire band has been working as Jimmy Fallon’s house band. I love the Roots and getting another Roots record would be huge. Hopefully, they can take time away from their solo projects to put something together.

A.B. Original:

This Australian hip hop duo took the country over with their 2016 record Reclaim Australia. Then Trials and Briggs went on to different projects and we thought we may never see a record from them again. However, they released King Billy Cokebottle earlier this year with a promise of a record to come, but we have yet to see it. Let’s hope that record comes through.

Rollins Band:

Henry Rollins and the Rollins Band went on indefinite hiatus in 2007, with their last studio record dropping in 2001. However, Rollins hinted at future music by saying that he would be willing to get back together if they had a record with original music on it. In theory, if they can put enough for an EP or so together, we could see a new release. A new release from Rollins would be huge…a long shot…but a welcome surprise.

Frank Ocean:

Ocean has put music out as late as 2020 with the single Dear April, but in early 2022 he hinted that he was retired from music. However, there has always been whispers that he is working on music and may drop singles or an EP without notice. Frank Ocean has an amazing voice, but has struggled with putting music together and has had to take a number of breaks from recording. Let’s hope we get some new music from him in the future.

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